Monday, December 3, 2012

12 Days of Giveaway!...Traditions and prize #3!

Today I have been thinking about Christmas Traditions!

I do so many little things around Christmas that just get me excited:)  Listening to my favorite music...(bing crosby my biggest Christmas fave!)  Eating wayyy to many for the perfect good books.....watching the same goofy, fantastic Christmas movies.....baking cookies and decorating the Christmas tree!  lots of fun:)
So in the spirit of tradition here is the next giveaway prize!

It's a fantastic book from Kansas City Star Publishing!
Leave a comment telling me some of your favorite Christmas traditions:) 


  1. How neat! What a great read!

  2. Hi Logan,
    Baking is way up there for our Christmas tradition...especially fudge! And, we watch the Grinch (the one with Jim Carey) so silly, but we still laugh and say all the lines and The Snowman-favorites of my son when he was little. I love to listen to Harry Connick, .jr while I bake! Have fun!

    Don't forget the little measurements :)

  3. I love Kansas City Star books--they are always so interesting. My biggest tradition would be making pinwheel cookies--not sure how that happened, but they are a favorite.


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