Saturday, June 29, 2013

Thrift Shops & Milk Glass!

I LOVE thrift shops!  There's something about hunting down a good deal that is just plain exciting!   I went to two shops yesterday and really lucked out with a few treasures...

Milk glass!!!  Including the Pyrex mixing bowls for Hamilton Beach....a Federal mixing bowl set and an old glass fire king loaf pan!

I was a little excited!!!

I have a serious addiction to milk glass so much so that I've had to box up a few things to save for my future home!  If you have any milk glass you would like to get rid of I'm your girl!

Close up of the Federal set!  The largest bowl has a big chip but for $ was soooooo worth it!

Saturday, June 22, 2013


I LOVE Saturdays!  So much potential for fun!  Around here we tend to have Saturday morning westerns on tv (while cleaning up of course;)  Followed by swimming and boating and sewing and more sewing while having lots of food somewhere in all of that!  Ok, so maybe not quite as magical as it sounds but we still have a good time;) 

I'm sewing borders on quilts today as well as starting a new quilt! *shocker*  I really need someone with mad math skills to help me with some of this..umm...math!  If I had known when I started quilting how much math would be involved. ...I probably wouldn't have touched it with a 50 foot pole!

Oh..and here's a pic of Kat in a box...for your amusement...

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I've been doing a lot of sewing lately.  If you came over to my house right now you would probably never wish to return...piles of fabric, books, quilts and bits of scraps pervade the living room and my room and the hallway...Shoot! Every square inch of the downstairs!  In the process of all of these projects I think the rest of my family might go insane.  One more pin in a foot might send a certain breadwinner over the edge!  I can't blame him, the last pin was in the sofa!  (Which was found in a rather unfortunate way;)  I can only show you a little of what I'm working on because as Uncle Billy would's a secret;) 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

One sick chicky...

Hey y'all!  Sorry I haven't been posting.  I have had one nasty sinus infection and am finally feeling better!  I still have a nasty cough though:(  Now my poor sister has whatever bug has been going through my family and it's her birthday weekend!  She's one sick chicky...oh well...she's on the couch... I'm sewing and we're watching the first season of The Rifleman....good times:)