Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Measure once cut three...times???

It is no secret how untalented I am when it comes to math.  More often than not I have to re-cut a piece of fabric three or four times before I get all of the measurements right!  (Most of the time my head just isn't in the right place!)  Today I am piecing a backing due to this lack of math skills...which isn't such a terrible thing!  I love pieced backings!  It adds a little something extra even if it's not real special:)  The most fun I have with pieced backings is when I buy less fabric than I know I need and use the leftovers from making the quilt top to finish!   Lots of potential in a quilt backing!!!

For this guy I'm keeping it REALLY simple and just piecing 8.5"x whatever width to add the length I need... (so I don't have anymore measuring to deal with!!!!)

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